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Creative • Empathetic • Author
Artist • Enigmatic

About The Author

A.M. Wegelin has been writing since 2000 when they started their first serial killer book and tantalized their classmates. This began a couple decades of writing screenplays, stage plays, comics, and books while attending art schools and later dropping out. Instead of continuing with academics, they embraced their love for everything creative—expanding their mind and fulfilling their spirit by creating constantly. These days,
A.M. Wegelin spends most of their time writing, doing freelance social media consulting work, and spending time with their dogs and husband. Don’t think that they are living a quiet life though; they thrive on chaos.


They have been mentally ill since ‘91 when they were spit out into this tortuous world. Writing so their brain doesn’t explode. A manic jumbled person with manic jumbled thoughts. Continuously trying to make life a little less lonely, one book at a time. 


A lover of dogs, milkshakes, and the PNW. A dedicated karaoke artist. Maker of all things cute and cuddly.
A nostalgia whore. Obsessed with the color orange and the ‘70s. Living proof that aliens exist. A comedian and a national treasure. Enigma of the highest order. Gummy candy is the best candy.

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